The Reasons Why So Many Americans Are Turning To Getting Their Medication From A Canadian Pharmacy

There are a lot of options where someone can buy prescription medications from. So what is it about Canadian pharmacies that makes them so desirable to people within the United States. Well it really is not all that hard to figure out. All you have to do is look at the high prices of prescription medications in the United States compared to what you can find at Canadian pharmacies. People just cannot afford the high cost here in the US. Older people really tend to struggle and turn to this option just to be able to get what they need.

Canadian pharmacies offer prices that are much lower than what you will find for the same medications in the US. What makes it even better is just about any type of drug you can think of or any medication that is sold in the US is also sold at these Canadian pharmacies. These medications can be shipped to just about any place in America with relative ease. So what has begin to happen is that HMOs here in the US are telling Americans that they should consider getting the medications they need from Canada.

You can say this is one of the main reasons Canadian pharmacies seem to be having no problems getting Americans customers. Their customer lists just keep getting bigger and bigger. Just how much business do these pharmacies have. Well there have been reports that up to 3000 prescriptions a day are filled at some of these pharmacies. When you get medication from our neighbors to the north you will find that the price differences can be as much as 60-80 percent cheaper than if you bought it within the country.

There is another side of the coin though. Canadian pharmacies sometimes are willing to provide medications for people who might not have a prescription to get them, but this is only if the patient is affiliated with an online doctor. In this case prescriptions are provided online or by means of phone and then the drugs are shipped to a certain area overnight using a good courier service.

Canadian pharmacies are good, but they are certainly not the only option out there to get cheaper prescription medication. Depending on what online pharmacy you go through you will find that some of them are willing to offer you other options to get what you want so you can get it even cheaper. The only issue is these cheaper drugs from other countries might not be as good in terms of quality. Some of the other countries certain Canadian pharmacies might provide you with access to would be Asia and Europe.

Sometimes they will just give you information based on whatever country is going to offer you the lowest price. But for security reasons it might be best to stick with a provider that is not based overseas. A Canadian pharmacy provides far more security and there is a much better chance of getting your order filled and getting it then if you were to go through other options. The one main point to remember is this, Canadian pharmacies offer cheaper prices than what you are going to get in the US. This is one of the reasons why so much is being done to deter Americans from using them.

The US pharmaceutical industry is really serious about trying to stop Americans from buying their prescription medications from Canada. But the reality is Canada provides an option for a lot of people who might not be able to afford to get what they need without looking elsewhere. Most insurance companies do not pay for medications and if they do they have far too much control. In some cases they will only pay for generics, which may or may not be as effective as the name brand version.

The US pharmaceutical industry makes a lot of money overcharging for drugs. They want to do whatever it is going to take in order to keep the amount of money they make as high as possible. But the reality is Canadian pharmacies will continue to attract US customers at high rates. As long as drugs in America are overpriced people will simply choose to look elsewhere.